Australian Bush Fires amp The

Australian Bush Fires amp The Impact they are having on our Oceans amp Waterways

GoDivingShow Australian Bush Fires & The Impact they are having on our Oceans & Waterways. A brand new interactive trade and consumer diving and travel show. 22-24th Feb 2019 #GODiving
AroundCruising River Cruise 101: Emerald Waterways: Emerald Waterways was founded by an Australian-based company, Scenic Tours. While Scenic’s luxury brand catered to travelers who were seeking upscale river cruise experiences, the company also… #GregoryArthurDonohue Just Cruisin' Around
Buddy4Study India The Australian #bushfires have revealed ancient waterways older than the pyramids in Gunditjmara territory, that were built by indigenous #Australians thousands of years ago to trap and harvest eels for food. #currentaffairs Buddy4Study is India's largest #scholarship platform which aims to help more than 10 million students to get the matching scholarships for a bright career!
kieranmccoey Melbourne bred and buttered. @TimWilsonMP @AdamBandt U r a disgrace. The coal- & $$-loving LNP is the enemy of not just Australian people, but all life on the planet. Tell us again how much we need coal, hypocrite. Our way of life? What, megafires? Poisoning aquifers w/fracking? Killing our waterways? Greens are trying to SAVE us. Born 317 ppm, 6th extinction. Sciency, coffee-making, bass-playing music lover who has to work for a living. Has no idea where his towel is.
HughJaeger Oxford @WestyHaynes @yayitsrob Some Australian railways move huge tonnages of coal & could also be climate change deniers. The lowest-carbon US internal freight routes are waterways, not railroads. The Mississippi, Missouri & Ohio could be the core of a broad-beam canal network if the USA could be bothered. Green transport & energy: buses, trains, trams; wind, wave, tide, solar; not HS2 or nuclear. Free Kashmir, Palestine, Tibet, West Papua.

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