Australian City Uses Drainage Nets

Australian City Uses Drainage Nets To Stop Waste From Polluting Waterways

Nfakfr Australian City Uses Drainage Nets To Stop Waste From Polluting Waterways گاه گاهی تحلیلی ؛ تخیلی ؛ چیزی

GreatFibre Forester Courtney Pink works to grow & produce timber, while sustainably managing & protecting the environment, including trees, plants and animals, waterways, and Indigenous Australian cultural sites. #Careers #AgCareers #Forestry #Sustainability The representative body for food & fibre of the Great South Coast in Victoria’s South West. Page administered by @nrcollard

LizzyJPrice South East, England @JEGullisnotMP Is this an attempt to mimic the Australian Teals? I don’t think they’d be associated with a party that has enabled pollution of waterways, or promoted fossil fuel profits over ppl and the planet. Litter picking photo ops don’t qualify. uk has the worst gov we have ever known. not moving on til they do.

GHCMA Hamilton, Victoria Musseling in on a Monday ... think your brain muscle knows which Australian freshwater mussel is your local mussel? All 3 of these are Australian native mussels found in waterways. 1 is threatened. The other 2 are common. #musselmonday #raremussel #commonmussel #donteatthese
SA_EPA Adelaide, Australia When you litter, where does it end up? In our waterways mostly. At least 77 species of marine wildlife found in Australian waters & 267 marine species worldwide are affected by entanglement in or ingestion of #marinelitter. #SavetheWorld #StartatHome #KeepAustraliaBeautiful 2022 South Australian Environment Protection Authority Business hrs 9-5 Mon-Fri Disclaimer: To report pollution 24/7, Tel: 8204 2004

south_endeavour Australia This beauty is a saw-shelled turtle, a common sight in the waterways of north Queensland. They are carnivorous, feeding on tadpoles, fish and aquatic invertebrates. They are one of the few Australian animals that is able to eat the highly invasive cane toad! Not for profit conservation land trust with twenty reserves in NSW and Queensland

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