Australian fires reveal ancient waterways

Australian fires reveal ancient waterways older than the pyramids TheHill

browe05 Ottawa Australian fires reveal ancient waterways older than the pyramids | TheHill Long interest in Canadian and Southeast Asian politics. I share news stories and articles but don't always agree with the content of some articles I retweet.

TheMurdochTimes Sydney These stone houses, stone-lined canals, fish-traps, eel farms and weirs of the Gunditjmara people are more than 6600 years old. These massive feats of engineering, over centuries/millennia were accomplished without a written language (as we know it). All empires fade. The Murdoch Crime Family empire is riven with a fatal entropy, like much of the Old Media. A New Media is taking over. Edited by @DarrylMason

ChangingAmerica contact@changingamerica.com Fires across Australia have ravaged landscapes and species. But they’ve also recently brought something positive to light in Gunditjmara territory. This is Changing America, a new section of @thehill devoted to the stories that inspire, spark thought, define need and demand action.

femulla venus @_rebase @_HelenDale @australian Victoria has evidence of eel farms built by Aboriginal People, they connect to what is called eel runs carved though waterways runs from NC Vic to CBD. It still runs under Melb Uni & eels r known to pop up through grates. HD is a fraud & and a racist. Friendly feminist, political tragic. IRL friend of Captain Fluffula!

OldBourgeoisie Pollutants from all the fire affected areas, into the waterways. I have family reporting that entire populations are being wiped out. Dying. Just vanishing. How long til the media/country/world picks up on this? An Australian icon is vanishing. Besides our koalas. Kappa implied. Vintage. Blunt. Contextually impaired. My life is a fucking train wreck. These are but highlights and snippets.

ScubaDiverMag England, United Kingdom Australian Bush Fires & The Impact they are having on our Oceans & Waterways. Scuba Diver is a lavishly illustrated, independent diving publication that serves the UK diving industry.

David_E_Powell New Jersey Australian Wildfires reveal ancient system of waterways. Amazing. #PrayersForAustralia Dig Space stuff, Philadelphia Sports, Life in general .Jersey Shore raised. Fearing of God.

rustyeagle3 Adelaide, South Australia @mark34945235 @GrumpyOLSoldier @TotheRIGHTtoTh1 And how much of that 14% is major waterways being dammed by private companies? **NO** overseas companies should own AUSTRALIAN water licences. - Period!!