Come and take them pests

Come and take them pests from australian waters Illegal to throw them back here Disaster for waterways

carnthacats Tasmania, Australia @RT_com @tyrelle123 Come and take them pests from australian waters. Illegal to throw them back here. Disaster for waterways. #carp #pests Music lover. Food lover. Australia lover. Grower of chillis and hops. LOVE IT OR LEAVE!
royallane111 Fitzroy, Melbourne @PoeBelom @aliaena @Tazerface16 Glad you survived, currents in particular can be a nightmare. I'm Australian, so just visiting. Have sailed Croatia four times though (2021 again maybe, if not 2022) and love it. So many islands and inland waterways, people are nice. Ozov Sea sounds fabulous! Ghost In The Machine......Wending my way around the world one photo at a time....travel temporarily suspended.
MadWomansKnitti In a garret somewhere @Elizabeth_Lewes Herbal remedies Mental asylums 1980s tractors Deadly diseases Australian coastal plants New York waterways Arts & Crafts Movement Facial reconstruction ... and on and on. I love to research. Woman of mystery, inappropriate humour, & random but fierce leftie outbursts. Fan of the Oxford comma. I write short stories. Read them - you might like them.
openforum_au Australia UK researchers say that the Aussie government’s plan to release a virus into our waterways to kill off non-native carp is unlikely to work, and should be tossed overboard. Open Forum is an independent, non-profit, collaborative website which explores Australian policy and social issues.
BarringtonCoast Barrington NSW Australia THIS week is National Water Week organised by the Australian Water Association to inspire people, communities and organisations to build awareness around the value of water and waterways. Advertise with News of The Area today. It's #barringtoncoast
VincentTarzia With Backstairs Passage being one of the most dangerous waterways in SA, it's important that there are strong marine rescue capabilities on KI. I was delighted to present $502,000 to the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard SAF11 KI to purchase a new rescue vessel and tow vehicle🚤 SA State Liberal Member for Hartley. Former Speaker. Minister in the SA Government
ErikaHeffer Deniliquin, New South Wales Hot tip: The Ferny Azolla is too thick when the ducklings are walking across it! Azolla, an Australian native fern is common in many waterways. Deniliquin Kolety Lagoons #Landcare Group and Deniliquin High School Students spent this morning thinning the water plant in the lagoon Local Landcare Coordinator hosted by @ricegrowers | Writer | #Landcare | Views are my own.
heyshachi New York, NY How brilliant. Why isn’t this the norm everywhere? Fluffy animal smiler atter, compliance nerd, Resister, 🌈+ ally, BLM supporter. BIPOC. Immigrant. She / Her. (All tweets are my own.)

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