How are Australian waterways being

How are Australian waterways being monitored to protect our environment Meet Denise who is making changes to the ecosystems

MicrosoftAU Australia How are Australian waterways being monitored to protect our environment? Meet Denise who is making changes to the ecosystems. #HumansandAI #AIforGood The official Australian channel for the latest Microsoft news, information, and support. Support: @MicrosoftAU or
terrainNRM Innisfail, FNQ, Australia Excited to be working on this new project to give fish populations a boost, in partnership with @cairns_airport, @ozfishunlimited & Wet Tropics Waterways, and thanks to funding from the Australian Govt. @envirogov #fish #Cairns #mangroves #wetlands Terrain is the natural resource management body in the Wet Tropics region (FNQ Australia), supporting collaborative planning for a healthy resilient landscape.
hlthylandwater Brisbane, South East Queensland Promising Australian #research is looking into how the latest cutting-edge #technology could be applied to water sensors to create automated, low-cost water monitoring options If successful, it could revolutionise the way we monitor and manage waterways We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting & improving South East Queensland's land and waterways.
WonderMention Calgary, Alberta @galaxyhunter309 @lesoteric @edwinmundt @JasonNixonAB @UCPCaucus Australian mining companies pay 7% royalties for coal. Why Sonya Savage, Kenney & Nixon would be so eager lop off mountain tops and poison our waterways for such a pittance. Am I the only one wondering about CON cronies secretly profiting from coal mining? #NOtoCoalAB Dance💃🏻🕺like no one’s watching 🙈 Wash🧼🙌🏼ur hands like everyone is 👀!
ElleninEdmonton Edmonton, Alberta, Canada @TheBreakdownAB How about credible allegations that @jkenney & his whole "leadership race" were funded by the IDU and other dark money? What about #JasonNixon and @sonyasavage selling our wilderness and waterways to Australian coal companies before ending our 1976 #CoalPolicy? #OfficeSupplyGuy 🌈ESL teacher, grandma to 2 sweet grandkids, mom of 2, bicycle rider, paddler, hiker, reader, traveller, Dead Runner, she/her

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