Not a single Australian naval

Not a single Australian naval vessel has protection from China s sea-skimming missiles and once inside contested waterways would be sunk We d get licked one of our defence chiefs said I m told on good authority

bobjcarr Sydney Australia Not a single Australian naval vessel has protection from China’s sea-skimming missiles and, once inside contested waterways, would be sunk. “We’d get licked,” one of our defence chiefs said, I’m told on good authority. Former Australian Foreign Minister and former Premier of NSW. Adjunct Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney.

famidovo What do you do if a South American weed is choking up your local Australian waterways? In the case of the cabomba plant, scientists are enlisting the help of the weed's natural South American enemy, the tiny cabomba weevil.

BlackMcalpine Ballarat, Victoria, Australia @ConceptualJames At one stage Australian recycling businesses were selling barge loads of waste to Malaysians who sifted through it for anything valuable then shovelled the rest into the Gulf of Thailand. SE Asia waterways are pretty polluted. Platonist. Philosophical, not political. I write and I garden. Reasoned debate and civil discourse. Finding the truth is like finding quality oilive oil.

tveitdal Arendal, Norway Up to 9bn plastic cigarette butts are discarded in Australia each year, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature, seeping harmful microplastics and chemicals such as arsenic into waterways and soil. Climate Change, Renewable Energy & Nature news. Director Klima 2020, former Assistant Executive Director UN Environment Program. Contact: svein@klima2020.no

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