Yup We have the worst

Yup We have the worst jellyfish also saltwater stonefish and freshwater stonefish and blue-ringed octopus and platypus all Australian waterways are pain and sometimes death

lauroralei Melbourne/Bunurong lands @HistoricalNoOne @everywhereist Yup. We have the worst jellyfish, also saltwater stonefish, and freshwater stonefish, and blue-ringed octopus, and platypus... all Australian waterways are pain and sometimes death I like stuff. Folk music and dance, sewing, boats, space weather and science generally. Often talk about my detransition/retransition- happy to DM. She 🏳️‍⚧️
TOPGAMING43 Pune, India Battling to eliminate carp from Australian waterways 🐟 | Meet the Ferals Ep 9 | ABC Australia #India #Germany #UnitedKingdom #UnitedState
ElizabethReWA @WAtoday @petedekruijff Our #waterways are important for #people & the #environment So it’s good to get #local #research on #waste & #plastics But it’s a concern the #government has stopped the export from #Australian #business but still allows import of single use #plastics #auspol #wapol #ABCNews #6PR Cares about Australia & ALL its people. believes in whistle blowing to stem corruption. my own comments Authorised by Elizabeth Re 23 Hakea Road Woodlands 6018
DonADriscoll Australia "rise above this really nasty politics." @DOCTOR_Dave urges Victorian Liberals and Nationals. Feral horse problem easily solved to the benefit of Australian native species, ecosystems, waterways, Indigenous places etc, if conservatives drop nasty politics Ecology & conservation biology research on habitat loss, invasive species, frog conservation, fire, movement and landscape ecology & cross disciplinary projects
TechTwp Vermont, USA All Australian Outback maps (except for Woomera) are finished and uploaded to the #TruckSimulatorWiki! I'll reveal a hint and define the next Extreme Trucker map I will be working on. Can you guess it? - Many shrimp farms, very dense, and numerous waterways. Find out tomorrow! Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator trucker. 🚚 Besides trucks, I also like dinosaurs. 🦖

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