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chlagousami France 🎁 Reach 1000 retweets and comment "🌊 ⛴️" to win a PREMIUM PRIMUS PACK The @OpenSea ship has failed us but we have many boats left! 🤭 ⏰ 48 hour challenge 😁 CEO at #crosstheages | Video game producer | #BAYC 8185 | #Nft addict | #Bitcoin holder
WFPChief Rome, Italy 4 countries, 1 @WFP ship - and 23,000 tons of hope! Here's to the last mile of this tremendous journey to #Ethiopia, where Ukrainian grain is being delivered to 1.5 million people in critical need of food & assistance. #BlackSeaGrainInitiative The official account of the Executive Director for the UN World Food Programme @WFP, David Beasley. Working to achieve a world with #ZeroHunger.
PrisonPlanet England While Dutch citizens struggle to heat their homes and pay for groceries, their government has just paid for thousands of illegal migrants to enjoy free accommodation, food and entertainment on board a 5 star luxury cruise ship docked in Amsterdam. "Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.....”Popular cutting edge political commentator.” The Jewish Voice pauljosephwatson.locals
Oswald81288433 @ConflictsW I guess having them produce and ship fuel to the US is somehow "greener" than US workers? Oculi Diorium
RedefineartB 》❏ Anime & Artist Coven ❐《 @LurkingOne96 @faireochako Mm, that’s true. And yeah this all just sounds like indirect hate on someone that they claim is “ruining their ship.” -💖 ♀19 1/2 • she/her《 ✦ 》『ISTJ-A ✦ Not a bot』 『 Multimedia Artist ✦ Anime Fan - ❐Buttersquad ❏
elliots_ghosts he/she/they 18 @ErianePlrd there's the ship rosekiller (barty+evan), most of the fandom headcanon Evan as ace, some think that he was blond and his favorite color was blue. Some headcanon him and Pandora as twins. I imagine him as a caring person but a bit reserved, but still like to hang out with people the Black brothers own my heart, that's why I don't seem to live a day of happiness -rosekiller & bartylus brainrot
reallytanman Tan Land If you don't organize the labor, pay the bills, find new customers, and ship the product, you don't get paid, and your family doesn't eat. The stakes are pretty high. And it may sound somber, but it all works because you... Big tech engineer turned chip maker (not the silicon kind) | @masa_chips @shireapp | subscribe to my substack ⬇️
milfloverliv 25, she/her, nj no ship i hate more than owen and teddy. will he please let her go so she can move on with her life i'm always somewhere in between joking and serious
KarnsteinCount Styria @Scream_Factory @bryanbenbailey @OneFromNone213 @vyrsai Just ship my order and forget about everyone else. The only vampire in the #ZombieCrew. #DriveInMutant. #MutantFam #HammerHorror. Do no harm, take no crap.
Anidex Gallifrey @SifaDukye I'm WHEEZING; I didn't ship my wol with Emet either, till I was listening to "Music of the Night" and my brain went...."HOLD UP." Anthro B.A, woo! WrA, MG, Exodus, double woo! Level 34. Triple woo! Commissions open, quadruple woo! Link below, fifth-druple woo!
chepelyuk I just hopped aboard the October Ship 30 for 30 cohort from @dickiebush and @nicolascole77! Join me and 500+ others to learn the fundamentals of digital writing, form lifelong friendships, and publish every day for 30 days. Check it out!👇🏼🚢 Athlete, Photographer, Founder @VolleyDAO (🏐,🌎)
SLPotoFree Mexico @PendejoTime is there a chance you can ship out one of your T-Shirts to Palacio Nacional Edificio 10, Centro, Del. Cuahutémoc, CDMX CP 06060 Mexico, in attention to @lopezobrador_ he very well deserves it, he’s earned it, and he’ll proudly wear it! Anti AMLO- X México Libre de corrupción tanto de la autoridad como el ciudadano. Señalando las expresiones +vergonzosas que vemos por todas partes!
KurosakiMotas Slovak Republic @ChuyaFactory Jesus if you manufacture and ship them painted im instabuying so that my ning figurine is not alone Retweeting NSFW🔞 Twitch Affiliate / AR 60 / Genshin speedrunnner - 100% completion ASAP / sometimes I stream @ / 29 y old
BNHillaryA @hiddentrevo SO PERFECT! Confused Toshi, blushing self-conscious Shouta, THAT FACIAL EXPRESSION ON NEMURI (clearly her ship just sailed!), & Toshi being like “nah, screw this” and the frustrated kiss on a stunned Aizawa!! Fandom old:40+|Into BNHA, WoT, Cosmere, & a lot more. Multishipper trash. Tosses money at good fanart/fanfic! Main HillaryGayle
GiftyNkem Ship does not make brands not to work with you. All these “I’m focus on my brand” is getting stale and boring. Even Nini and Saga didn’t do this much in their media runs content creator- NaturalHair YouTuber IG-giftynkem ~ Love reality shows ~music lover ~MAN UTD ❤️ ~K to trolls/block button is active. 🐺🍍 #myown
CarbonMonoxid17 Earth @MarshaBlackburn All this time and Marsha still doesn’t know the Keystone pipeline has been alive and well in Canada, and the Keystone XL was only a pipeline going through the U.S. to fill tankers with Canadian oil to ship to other countries. Member of the Resistance/Supporter of Good Trouble/Proudly blocked by Rudy Giuliani/Happily married/No DMs #Resist
slimboTweet Lombard, IL @JordanG_Koch Love it! Here is a prototype for the main character in my probably-not-gonna-get-made stop-motion animation about economic hard-ship, creativity, and the difference between limits & boundaries. Only slot & tab or pressure fit (for story reasons) on this one. Spider is real. I create digital art using Maya, BabylonJS, and other various software, media, & techniques.
GoodBoyGorou Icon by: @SWEETESTWHlSKEY 🪨I don’t like one thing about him and yet I’ve gotten him 3 forking times. I hate his gameplay, his bland bottom personality, and he’s the most cookie cutter white fantasy guy with a vanilla bottom ship—not even vanilla, that is the sugar cream basic of ice cream. 𝘐 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘮𝘺 𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦, 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝙝𝙤𝙣𝙤𝙧, 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝙮𝙤𝙪 || Minors DNI|| 18+ Only|| Read pinned before following. ||DMs: OPEN|| Masc not “Man”
HMXARachelK Winnipeg, Manitoba Oh crap, @halsey; it’s a rap battle with @eminem, I mean nothing to them They don’t even remember who I am; No; But it’s okay, no way, that I let that crap slip today Let that ship sail, fall, fail, work hard with no play? I’m a voyeur with a watch, I’ll Time and watch you; WAIT Dial XXX XXX X069 For That Booty Call 📞
samatokisauna RTs Appreciated! Selling P.A. shots volume 2 action and private photocards, $2 USD each Priority given for people who bundle photocards from the first pic with cards in the second pic. Will be shipping from the US, but willing to ship worldwide. thank you @EnstarsGoods! selling/buying merch, based in the US
usslibertyvets United States of America 2/2 Obeying that order cost the lives of 25 of our shipmates killed by the torpedo. Say what you will about Biden or anyone else in government, LBJ was the only President to order a #USNavy ship to be abandoned while we were still under attack and calling for help. IDF Attacked USS Liberty. 34 died. Another 174 Wounded. LBJ Ordered Abandon Under Fire. War Crimes Committed. No USG Investigation. Please Follow and Retweet.
usslibertyvets United States of America @BlurChi @dbongino 1/2 I'm afraid LBJ did considerably more than "nothing" during the attack on our ship. He ordered aircraft that was already launched from Sixth Fleet aircraft carriers recalled while we were still under attack and calling for help. IDF Attacked USS Liberty. 34 died. Another 174 Wounded. LBJ Ordered Abandon Under Fire. War Crimes Committed. No USG Investigation. Please Follow and Retweet.
lemonxtee they / him || 20 i ain't ship eremika much but you can NOT tell me mikasa don't peg that man tie him up n shi she HAS TO ain't no WAY eren topping that dominatrix bet he got the BIGGEST degrading kink for her and becomes the HUGEST slut at her touch you CAN NOT CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE DON'T TRY IT. for the horny ones 💋 || main: @teepostsstuff_ || unfiltered horniness, follow at thine own risk
mylixmarz I ship Matt Murdock and Shehulk soooooo badly you do not understand 🎶no dowry no money no family background🎶
NECROBLASTOMA PFP by @BearlyFeline @transbecnoir my point being, the concept of moralism is something i don’t really adhere to outside of ship discourse in general, because i have had many aspects of myself called “morally reprehensible” - i.e. me being transgender and undergoing HRT - even though it isn’t harming anyone. for+ i'm a bull. i post disgusting, fetishistic, and horrifying things. 𖤐 he/him ⚧ - 18 - satanist - pro-fic/kink - TAKEN 𖤐 💀 GO GREEN - ANTIFA 🏴‍☠️
ftblElbichoV2 get malacia tf off the pitch and ship his bottom back to Curaçaoa @manutd | @Cristiano | @celtics @max33verstappen
thvgalaxy95 Tae’s World hybe called it defamation and false information and they even added ILL intentioned rumor god looks like this ship tanked so bad anyways ur ship is a flop
biomassart Somewhere in the North Quick Ship File: Roanoke and Raccoon Class Ships - Moon Toad Publishing | Artist, fustrated writer, defender of Castle Anthrax, Lord of Rabbits
megmarkles @sexycuckoobaby It’s disgusting behavior. Racist and colorist like … all this over a fictional ship… find a new hobby (mimi • she/her • 🤎) // unapologetic when speliviaxjimone fork up the night • @simonesbaker //@jimonegifs
ViperrJay In Cassidy’s Boot so apparently kiriko is early 20’s. and i’ve thought this for a while. dva and kiriko would be a cute ship. #bunnyguide ???? cute ship name or nah #ow2 he/him/his | 19 | 🏳️‍🌈
UwumarogieOsas @_a_rebell @OliobiChika Calm pls as a rebelz all we need to focus on is her brand and she will be happy seeing this pls it’s Big Bella or no one I knw you love her even more pls don’t let all these get to u they are jus friends doesn’t means they are in ship and you knw they can’t be enemy jus like dat
SpectrSeven Nunya @scribbleymark Yeah, I don't understand it when people ship characters that have no romantic chemistry and are pretty clearly meant not to have any by the creators. Platonic and/or familial love is a beautiful thing and we need more of it. She/her. Professional bog witch
Priscy_Efya12 Ghana Omo I pity bella on this her ship with shegzz. Like she felt she had a solid, great relationship loved and envy by everyone only to came out to different reality. She had no time to sit and process but started media rounds and ontop everyone except different things from her. just a simple azzz..smile, lover of reality show...,loves fiction novels....,here to have fun...,plus my happiness is number one priority😘, A ♑️ CAPRICORN 💝.
AriesKadmon Naperville, IL @CodySDax I should have muted some words but I've not been spoiled on this show yet but today I've seen a lot of different things. Just a bummer but I'm glad you're having fun and enjoying a new ship! Queer gamer. Demi. Poly. FFXIV, DbD, RPGs. Terrible sense of humor. 🧍🧍: @alleycatblues and @warglepus. He/They
THECOOLHAWKEYE layout by PoohBear! // one time as a dare in a discord rp server, my friend and I wrote Jubilee x Piotr Rasputin as a crack ship. Some people have actually called me the world's greatest archer. - Not the HAWKGUY god you guys SUCK !
vanmaritime 1905 Odgen Ave, Vancouver, BC On select days, we offer tours of the St. Roch engine room when you get to see a part of the ship usually not available to the public, learn what it was like to be a sailor in the Arctic in the early 20th century, how the ship's engine works and hear the stories about the crew. The Vancouver Maritime Museum is a great place for families and maritime enthusiasts to learn about the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest and Arctic.
JenLRossman Binghamton, New York @lostchyld1 I mean, I would definitely consider it if I was Beverly. Just because out of all the kids, Wesley is the one who would figure out a way to get back to the ship eventually. They have him for like two months maybe, and then he would transport back with the kids and cool tech Non-binary dolphin in a wheelchair. Like Linda Belcher but for dinosaurs. They/them
IsabellaShoyom1 Lmao the same people who insulted Bella and her family yesterday are now praising and hailing her, the same people who praised her yesterday are bashing her today. Moral lesson? DO NOT SHIP IN BBNAIJA! And do not let shippers control you, always choose yourself first #bbnaija This page is dedicated for my bbnaija rants and bants. Take me serious at your own peril, I no send una🙄
mxltimess | 27 | SPAIN | UNLABELLED | @walkinontheway Yes! KinnPorche, the main ship is Kinn and Porche, the story follows gangsters and mafia gays. Build is one of the bodyguards of Kinn, and his ship is with Bible (Vegas) the enemy of Kinn's family, they have s/x and some BDSM weird sh/t, they're really cute together 🎬CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD🎬80's TEEN MOVIES🎶#KPOP🎶#KHH🎶#JPOP🤘#JROCK🤘#KROCK🤘POP ROCK📺DORAMAS & TV SHOWS💗#亀梨和也♥️#山田凉介🎶BRUNO MARS📚#ANIMANGA☺️
GLOWINGREGVRDS EDITOR⠀WILBUR. ⠀| ⠀HE⠀/⠀IT. ;; i feel the need to say as much as i like to joke and laugh about sootcest i can promise you guys i don't ship it ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀₊〝  𖤐⠀this⠀whole⠀thing⠀can⠀come ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀to⠀a⠀( ⠀𝗡𝗜𝗖𝗘⠀𝗖𝗟𝗘𝗔𝗡⠀𝗘𝗡𝗗⠀ )⠀with ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀a⠀little⠀𝑩𝙊𝙒⠀on⠀the⠀*𝑻𝙊𝙋!
AdamGerbrandt @thisguy2854 The CPC has had many opportunities throughout the decades to turn this ship around and they have done nothing. The same bills get passed through and each year our rights get stripped away. They have only proven themselves to be morally and ethically bankrupt. Crippled Preacher in a wheelchair, Theology/History/linguistic buff, Tech and cosplay Maker, all around gamer.
ForetellersL Skyloft with Zelda and Link I don't even ship them, but damn the anime sure decide to go all off??? I can't even fhsdkjlghfk And I am not into the ennemis to lovers trope, but they sure serve it right for people who are into it lol (anyway Torao has some kind on crush on Ryuu and here's my take lmao) Hi, I am Xion (or Skuld), 23, she/them. Multifandom, main fandom: Free!, KH, FF, I7
marvelsuperstan Illinois, USA Anyone still looking to get a PS5, or miss out on the drops. I have a PS5 digital edition, brand new, in box new and sealed for sale. Asking price $475 obo, can meet or ship. DM me if interested thx! #PS5 #ps5restock #ps5stock #PS5Share #PlayStation5 #PlayStation #ps5forsale Gamer nerd, sports fan and rugby nause, 12 years and running on here, current Best Buy Manager
stuckupsidown @strangerdeans Also Eddie is supposed to be 21 and Chrissy is supposed to be 16 or 17 so that’s my reasoning for not being ok with the ship. also Eddie flags! He IS Queer and I refuse to believe otherwise!! the costume designers did that on purpose they had to know what it meant!! I’m 17
randomjjbaships admin uses he/they don't ship Squalo with anyone or i'll be mad and i'll expose you on Twitter ships automatically generated. run by @mapachegordo381
GarethJBond Manchester UK VALIANT LADY, Passenger (Cruise) Ship - Details and current position - IMO 9805336 - VesselFinder On our way to Ibiza a bit further so won’t arrive till afternoon but been another fantastic day. Hope I’m not spamming too much and selling this cruise line NHS Professionals, Volunteer, Retired MOD Officer, Occasional Aviator, Knowledgeable AvGeek, Drummer, Guitarist, Beautiful Wife & Children Expect the Unexpected
vibezcrapz South Korea lol everyone knows my dp keeps changing so randomly like everytime and it's not just one couple that i ship i ship a lot of couples i stan a lot of actors idols not just one and everyone knows that i never care about followers if they want let them follow me that's it :) ~ welcome to my rant world ~ .
Distorted1234 This whole time i found the exquisite works of the ship builders ample, in their coordination and set course.. i fear Haakon desires slip into military attire now and generalize thing-a-majigz. 🙂
LurkingOne96 @RedefineartB @faireochako They just don't want to outright hate on her. To not be seen as haters. Be more subtle and not just straight out call her some useless B*tch. Years ago straight up character assasination and mud flinging of female characters that threaten a ship had been more common.
sufferlight @ctrljimine come here and say hi to your biggest supporter. it was so hard writing this, when deep down I ship myself with him. thank me now 😪 I archive stuff that I like, here !!! she/her | Fan Account, not affiliated with any celebrity.