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POTUS As we fight COVID-19 here at home, we need to continue our efforts overseas. We are proud to have donated nearly 140 million vaccines and have started to ship an additional 500 million — more than all other countries combined. That’s American leadership on the global stage. 46th President of the United States, husband to @FLOTUS, proud dad & pop. Tweets may be archived:
JesseKellyDC Houston, TX The hard truth is we lost much of our liberty and maybe America itself when the majority of the population let The System scare them about coronavirus from the very beginning. The ship has been going down ever since and try as we may, we cannot bail out enough water now. Host of ‘I’m Right’ on The First. Host of the nationally syndicated Jesse Kelly Show. Anti-Communist. Community college credits.
iRadhikaGupta Mumbai, India I want to put a copy of this page on my desk and in many boardrooms. Inspiration isn’t enough. You need execution. Someone has to build the ship. MD & CEO @edelweissmf. Daughter, diplobrat, and money manager. Girl on a mission, telling stories along the way. Long on India, mutual funds, and life!
MaryIandGuy Maryland @JoEatsFood When you get on a ship and see unsinkable same I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. HOCO.
RGLangille1 Vancouver, British Columbia @Logan_Tyson_ @theJagmeetSingh @gurkirankaur_ I also work for the green party Elizabeth May when she was zero in the poles which is how I found out about how this whole climate fraud started she told me I also had her campaigning for the oil and gas industry mining and metals ship building the steel industry in Central Nova the founding member of The People's party of Canada
LoveSK_3000 @GoGoParkJimin N evn more srprising is the Audacity to call urself their fans!Like evn if you ship them,how do U get the Guts to throw out absolute garbage in their name??If nthing else then u can atlest act like you're a human wid a brain and dat it works!??Not connect dots dat r not evn thre!
BrutalBex USA 7 years and hella washed up. My patience is gone. My ship has sailed. Dreams crushed. and now I'm depressed. lol. Good stuff. I put the bitch, in obituary. ⚰ Horror addict 🔪 Makeup Junkie 💄 Cancer ☀️ Scorpio 🌙
LucieCatnip Alberta, Canada @atrupar Trying to rehab Rudy's reputation? That ship has sailed. And I recall news stories about TFG leaving Rudy hanging solo with legal bills. I guess this is his consolation prize. The zen of catnip 🐱🐱 I speak 4 languages: English, French, Cat & Sarcasm
MyTimeHHH99 Jerz @Ohsodios They're available for pre-order. And they were on Sale last night at MSG. I'm waiting for mine to ship next week I am all about Croatian Ice Cream. #MambaForever 8/24 🐍 #FlyEaglesFly #EmbracetheNewDay #LakeShow
TheOzarkSchool @JackPosobiec @ElizbethLManess Time to scrap the neocon barnacles and grifters off the good ship GOP. And no to starting a new party. How can we win the country if we can't even take the party? Bondservant. Family man. Localist. Food is medicine. My dog is my therapist.
honeyboyooni 25 she/her @5secondsof1daf yeah. they tried so hard to prove their ship to the point where it ruined a friendship. and it sucks that they let them ☹️ you should be your light ✨
hwangfeelbok My friends are encouraging me to write another ship and I’m the one who started it but 😭 they’ve began to demand it now… it’s such a random ship too. Full-time Hyunlix enthusiast and part-time fanfic writer. 💙🤍🔞NSFW🔞
ship_gq @AlesuperT1 @SHO_TheLWord Exactly!! I was thinking the same , like why show us that scene, it’s not that relevant unless they are hinting at a possible relationship between Bette and Dani 😩😩
reptar33 @wizkidsgames @wizkidsgames do the sails unfurl so the mast can be painted on the unpainted Falling Star sailing ship? Please help and thanks husband, board gamer, guitars, good times
surveycorpes @Levihanner @Byallmeans110 pls🤣🤣😭😭 the ship you're talking about is lh cause it had no scenes no potential that's my golf field I play and have so many hole👌🏻😋⛳⛳ he/him | bi | 20 eruri eremika yumihisu
great_animation I think a ship between Klaus the Goldfish and Peter Griffin would be pretty cute, wouldn't it? Posting hot takes about animation every 30 minutes | The only thing that isn't automated is this bio | Bot ran by @dougfunnybangs
kleineviolett1 Frankfurt, Hesse Sorry Haesoo, but u should pack off and let this ship sail in peace! 🎶🧚‍♂️ #loveorhate @youngdam0 Ich bin ein sehr gut funktionierende soziopathin..🇩🇪アニメ好き❄️ Shinzo wo Sasageyo! ❤️
AA7Leaks Capcom Headquarters The ship between Pearl Fey and Jinxie Tenma isn't confirmed canon... Coming this spring to the Nintendo Switch! (Bot, automatic posts, manual replies, notifs off, run by @ryuutarouscloak)
Mrmysterious444 @iMOMOL0V3 @IceyMoonShards well it's not that they asked her to be a lesbian. if sasha was a lesbian i would still ship her with hunter and if hunter was gay i would still ship him with sasha . btw some people actually ship amiter and are lesbophobic. anyway most people who ship amiter ship lumity too
GeorgeFlood24 South London Puscas sub and that attempted Halilovic ball across to Ejaria both inexplicable errors. Unfortunate for Halilovic, because he had a super game otherwise. #readingfc just cannot continue to ship this many goals. It is just ridiculous. Senior digital content editor @standardsport
ship_steward @Elise_Editing @smepathfinder @premnsikka @GoogleExpertUK @HousingFirstUK @SocialHousingCo @mayseggs @milespengelly @tmealham @theoracle99 Theres nothing more disgusting than a bank that sucks you in, bills you to the sky, then by design pulls the rug on your mortgage and, or business...then to turn the house into a rental property after you paid the upfront already. 3 Years Exposed to Trans National Financial Crime 20 GB data linked to $4Bn + in related theft/fraud 100 names Interest?
p4intedlady bi • jewish • white latina YOU KNOW A SHIP IS GOOD WHEN ONE OF THEM RANTS EXCITEDLY AND THE OTHER ONE STARED IN AWE • he/him • they/them • she/her • 21 • todos os pronomes em ptbr • header art by EllAudrey on redbubble
Go_Illini_ @therealJeffJ97 Yeah super impressive against EMU and in Redbox bowl. Became bowl eligible with two miracles in final minutes... bought Lovie another year set the program back another 4-5. Yeah there’s some talent but it’s not ‘noug talent to compete in B1GW maybe could compete for a MAC ship.
LittleElyon Based in EU 🇪🇺 (UTC+2) @Imnotarobin Yes yes! And both put effort in it. Some people want to ship right away and I'm like "I don't even know you. . . calm down." 🌸 RP NSFW | ♀️ | 21+ | Switch | MDNI!🔞 🌸 Host at @7CirclesClub | ♡ @FoolMafioso | ♡ @_Master_Diluc_ 🌸 Acc & DM info in pin📌 | DM RP ( 6/6 ) | Open TL RP
BL_Girlie Taehyung's hands @cheskkyu @tetemyworld_ @thatseyeliner @TeteDoll___ Shipping jikook is like shipping brother which is incest you idiot..I am literally a BL lover...my name has BL in it...tf you with I would be against a ship. But y'all delulus and disgusting. Lol. Idiot. STREAM PTD
Frankie61H Wales @Hillofwad @JohnWest_JAWS @Beany_1 Looks like this ship has sailed 👇👇. .away to go Liz Truss 😡😡 “We urge the Government to uphold our reputation globally as a leader in animal welfare and not to sign away our high standards for a photo opportunity.”. Pro -EU #FBPE Anti-Tory Support Rugby, Played a bit of Rugby, like sport, understand it's just a game now. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
sanamxnlight ᱬ.fan account.multi.d/ele we've been swimming on the edge of a cliff i'm resistant, but going down with the ship it'd bе so nice, right? right? if we could take it all off and just еxist and skinny dip in water under the bridge ㅤ𝙡𝙤𝙞𝙧𝙤 𝙚 𝙗𝙪𝙧𝙧𝙤, 𝙙𝙤 𝙟𝙚𝙞𝙩𝙤 𝙦𝙪𝙚 𝙤 𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙗𝙤 𝙜𝙤𝙨𝙩𝙖ㅤㅤ
Slvrdolphin1 @safflove There are, and there are so many different ones out there. For almost any ship!
eloquentalias for me re: ship realism, i think i tend towards Romance Novel Rules for ships i really like? this applies to second chance romances for me though. characters missing their chance when young but reuniting years down the line and still having Feelings? that’s the crap a person who loves very disparate media that cannot be stopped by mortal hands (currently very into twst)
Ship_Love_00 @drmwarner It's absolutely perplexing and horrific that anti-vaxxers are hounding the very institutions and workers who will save their lives when they get sick. Zero logic to this! I don't know why I came back to twitter, this place is awful.
bbyboyminie @manifestingtk @Taemaikook can y’all stop using jm for your ship and actually trust the words that come out of the boys mouths rather than calling them liars. if jk said jm did it HE is not lying. y’all are so disrespectful. ⠀⠀⠀ ❥ tiny jimin enthusiast | she!her | 31 | rcbyf
VelocityCatte Middlesbrough, England Day 11: Stealth Ships Lerix Driveyards Anilius "The ship proceeded to phase out successfully, fly several kilometers and then unphase as expected, the test pilot however; was nowhere to be found on return." #SPACESHIPTEMBER #SPACESHIPTEMBER2021 Delta // 23 // NB // she/they // Space Nerd // opinions & RTs are my own / pfp: @FirriApril / b: @rawslaw5 // I'm love @Punk_Bat // 🔞🔞🔞
TravelIerInTime Sweden What makes you think this is only in reference to "hellers" and not people from all sides of this fandom? I based that tweet on responses in a questionnaire and nowhere in that document did people disclose their shipping preferences. I honestly dont know what or if they ship. Mother of three and an unapologetic fangirl, currently living through her fifth decade on this god forsaken ball of dirt to a heavy rock soundtrack. ❤️💙
AbigailFalanga Last night's dream: Star Wars again. A group of people (mostly good guys) on a small ship venturing out into the unknown. One of them was a quiet young Jedi woman, of an order devoted to philosophy, peace, and exploration. And of course there was going to be trouble 😏 Writer of fantasy, crafter of dreams...
QueenNightOwl oh course I don't actually buy them anything cause again most of them barely know me and "hey I saw this, thought of you, and wanted to get it for you. where would you like me to ship it?" would be a real weird conversation I'm sure Megan - 28 - Cis Woman - She/Her - Bi Ace - White. Don't spoil me I'll do that myself. 🚫TERFS #DefundThePolice ACAB - Free Palestine 🇵🇸
pyramidheadluvr she / her || 18 || eng / esp I prefer my lgbt relationships and head cannons and much as the next person but I think gency seems cute as hell? I don’t ship it but I don’t see the point in dogpiling anyone who does ⊹ anime ⊹ dbd ⊹ apex ⊹ overwatch ⊹ fortnite ⊹ twice ⊹ vocaloid ⊹ proshippers dni ⊹
subdpsboy kissing evil scientists i should mention we ship k@ebedo, d!luven, k@eluc, chongxiao, and zhongqiu and dainchi but no one else ships that besides us nsfw 🔞 - 20 - they/he - androgyne age in bio/pinned/carrd before following mainly genshin, read carrd for more
D__e__e___ LIQUOROSE DANCE -✅💯 No one comes close ACTING -Oscar deserving TASKS- Always winning A SAILING SHIP -With mutual respect and understanding from both end BONDS- with both hms and millions of people outside Abeg If I no Stan Liquorose, me sef go don turn saddist #Bbnaija follow me, you'll find out
cogetacatsMMD Pays de la Loire, France 🇨🇵 @xiayankin Unfortunately the "stupid" people who treat others as pedophiles, especially because we ship two fictitious characters, it is they who really have a mental problem, not us! If we are "pedophiles" then it would be time to admit that Unicorns and fairies exist too? #Animator #MMD/ #Artist | Instagram: Cogeta.cats She/her | Creator of “Monster 👺" serie Link to my other social networks:
TrekNexus @ahsjxiskmwbska The tiny ship is derivative of a maquis raider and the other two have Parliament-class vibes. Lifelong Trekkie & information sponge. Co-Host @BeyondTrekPod, writer of #Fragged and @TheNerdshift. Admiral of the #Starfleeters (He/Him)
earvinsolitario Toronto, Ontario Rebecca and Sam, I ship it don’t @ me Journalist & producer @CBCNews @PnPCBC, also producer of bad takes. High functioning basic retired teenager. He/him. earvin.solitario@cbc.ca
Caitiemac53 Hudson Valley @SafetyPinDaily @NewsatNoon1 This is something of which to be proud? The fool needs to jump ship and float away. Party free. #resist MS in business organization, but flunked HS typing. Banner pic shows people enjoying The Mavericks 5 years ago, when life was simpler.
yuuzthsmile 🇵🇭 | she/her whats noze and rozalin’s ship name fkskkfkd fan account for @RVsmtown @GFRDofficial @official_izone @ITZYofficial @aespa_official | follow @konnect_YUJU
JulianL14916557 "Joh 6:21 Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went. " #Biblia
iMOMOL0V3 she/her @Mrmysterious444 @IceyMoonShards no one is saying that they ship it because they hate her. It's wrong to delete the lesbian representation in media we have, because is less than it should and you can't just say poof! Bye bye amity is not lesbian anymore because I said so WHAT ARE U?? IM A V I R G O
FNTweetBot I ship Kyle and Cuddle Team Leader I post random Fortnite BR and STW stuff every 10 minutes Made by @FireDragons52
neonekubeat she/her @joshriku its defo remnants of ship war days LMFAO and for some reasons the mods just. LET THIS REMAIN??? like i only like NS platonic and i ship them both w other people but get this...i have basic comprehension skills and love that shiki is one of the most important ppl in his life 💜🥰 SO MANY SPOILERS. // the name's ess! // 30 ↑ // side account for ntwewy and nekubeat propaganda 💖💛💙 pan ace 🖤🤍💜 PFP @hedgemice
leelogs2 @russellcrowe Hang on. Are you in a hotel, or is that your gaff?? What with the ship and all? 😎😎
allichss chs, soon. s!her ‘05 @teuikonic harukyu!! My ship is harukyu cuz why not? hahahaha their love language is different from others. I mean by love is brotherly love. They always keep each other safe, on and maybe off cam🥺💗 Gustong gusto ko kapag magkasama sila, it’s like they have their own world <33 — ready to risk it all for @treasuremembers ☼
slowburnsftw she/her youd think the cheating & the sex 7 years later would have sent the message but this is what happens when you convince yourself that a main ship is “just sex nothingness” and archie “never liked betty ever” & this was ras’ story destroyer of endgames