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NavalInstitute Annapolis, MD Survivors of the sinking of USS Samuel B. Roberts in 1944 spent 50 hours in the water before being spotted. Wary of a Japanese trap, the crew of an approaching US ship yelled out "Who won the World Series?" The survivors yelled back "The St. Louis Cardinals" and were then rescued An independent forum for those who dare to read, think, speak, and write to advance the professional, literary, and scientific understanding of seapower.
CovertShores ***OSINT*** Russian Navy Pr.775 Ropucha Class landing ship operating in Black Sea between Sevastopol and Odesa today. Clouds hiding most of the #Russian Navy activity #OSINT Defense Analysis, Submarines, #OSINT, illustrations and history. Author of Covert Shores books. Write for @USNINews, @navalnewscom and more. Mostly typos.
TorontoStar 1 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada In 1997, a ship carrying Lego was was rocked by a rogue wave and sixty-two containers were lost to the watery depths. Twenty-five years later, the plastic toys are still being washed ashore. Get the latest news, alerts, sports, photos and more from Canada's largest daily newspaper. ⏩ Instagram: (@)thetorontostar | TikTok: (@)torontostar
james19402899 Devon agree they shouldn't be allowed to jump ship when they have done nothing to get the clown steering their ship and our country to doom
georgvelis 🇬🇷 @Captainjjb84 like an absurd connection just for the sake of connecting this. Same with Solo getting all his iconic weapons and ship in the span of a few days in Solo. (he/him) #WheelofTime enjoyer
CyclopSlayer777 @NYPD68Pct @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCMayor @NYCSanitation Their ship is sinking and the RATS are already jumping ship We are Legion. We are Q! We are exposing them together - We are STRONGER together! Captian Tolson has informed myself he reads all 311 Complaints WWGAWG1 Cyclops slayer
AmerExperience FREE MAGAZINES 👋 FlipboardIcon version of the Flipboard logo, Nile River Cruise Demand Is So Great, AmaWaterways Says It’s Building A Second Ship, - By MSc(Econ) Lassi… TRAVEL INFLUENCER 🔵 #Travel #FreeMagazines #Influencer Stay informed! - International Business and Travel Expert - News especially for multilingual people - We work for you 24/7 🌎 Check our website!
littlemissgorl tired people who ship chrollo and kurapika have issues 😕 y’all goin through it fr 18 | she/her | pet enthusiast
daily_labilia Haru and Elie is Mashima best ship/couple that he made not shicca, definitely not NaLu 😂 The Most Prettiest Girl In The Sakura Cosmos! 🌸
Mark79542085 California, USA @notmythirdrodeo You get the caftans when you board the Love Boat, make a move on the Captain (old flame), and grip the rail with bitter disappointment when he says, “I’m married to the ship.” Then you get to bitterly intone, “Oh, Merrill…” I care. Diversity rocks. Here to learn, be better, and help others. Having fun along the way when I can with a sense of humor that isn’t quite pure.
debnmtay MX even tho the Laurie and Mira ship is probably gonna sink fast af 💀 I still need #IrmaVep mutuals so we can go through this together... so... where you guys at Alycia Debnam-Carey. ts. she/her ᗢ
Anonymous__Don @POTUS @Bundeskanzler Sorry Mr @POTUS after this week in America, I don’t think you or your country are in any place to be performing moral leadership in other parts of the world. Time to take a seat at the back, keep quiet and let others steer the ship. #RoeVsWade Surviving Oxbridge academic, parent, partial cynic.
WattersAnais @StatueCorny Day by Day I see that the EMs never understand the story and they can say anything even if its out what we got or for example accuse Hannes for his death just to make their ship canon, cute and sweet...
xuenay Helsinki, Finland @zornsllama (It was an interestingly physical-looking mental image I got, like the fact looked like a chunk of metal that needed to be welded into a larger "my model of eleanor" structure, and was towed closer to that structure like a ship is towed into a harbor. This is my new bio. It replaces my old one, which I was told was bad. Meme alt: @KajPictures
arcticminkey @kibumlovesme and as if that wasn’t enough! they made a whole forking book about it! a book that was a fortune to ship and thus i do not own! • 5💎 • just a dumb little locket in her MVP era • aespa defender • it’s not that forking serious •
KerinCunningham Brooklyn, NY 🖤 ABORTION ACCESS SHIRT & TOTE UPDATE 🖤 My inbox is flooded with emails so here's where we stand. As stated during the pre-order window, these shirts are set to ship in early July. This has always been the plan and printing is on track to meet that deadline. Illustrator // Merch Designer // Creative Director for HIPDOT X MCR // Business Owner from NY ★ She/her ★ Available for Freelance 2022
inejcrows gio - she/her - 23 nothing beats shipping an already endgame ship and watching the adaptation not make it canon tho… that’s a kind of loss that’s unspeakable! [redacted] i’m looking at you! dancing barefoot in the snow. cold can’t touch her, high or low.
Shari369fx @knuutty6 @UsedToBeGOP @danielsgoldman I can see that you bought into that bs put out by the Democrats. The fact is that a lot of Democrats, being ashamed of their party, jumped ship and joined the Republicans. You should be ashamed too, to be in a party of Slavery, KKK and war profiteering. Suggestion: Do research! "The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled." Andrew Carnegie
randomsnkships admin goes by he/they don't ship Marco Bott with anyone or i'll be mad and i'll expose you on Twitter ships generated automatically every 10 minutes. run by @mapachegordo381
DueDiligence89 Dingus Forest Got a feeling @DegenApeAcademy @DegenTrashPanda are about to pr stack and ship a bunch of crap. Fade them and you’ll be coping. 🫡 #Solana @DegenDAOO
Lokster71 London @danielmgmoylan Your Great Leader is screwed. You know it. We know it. So if you want the grift to carry on you need to pick a new ship to sale on. And don't pretend it won't be long. Read books. Read books about history. Don't rely on what you remember from school, or films, or Facebook/Twitter posts. Read books. Broaden your mind.
amazed_am_i P.S. We don’t need a Space Ship. We need our money here on Earth for food, water, and shelter! We don’t live in space. We shouldn’t have to pay for y’all to play in space. We don’t get to use the space ship! 🙄 Im just me.
inejcrows gio - she/her - 23 there’s honor in fighting for a ship to be endgame and THEN losing but shipping a canonically already doomed ship and being loud about it too 🫣 dancing barefoot in the snow. cold can’t touch her, high or low.
JuzJadey Road to Paradise🇯🇲 One thing if you ever lie to me about anything at all and I find out the truth just know say whatever ship we had done. In my own lane & on my own frequency.
Mr_Pickkles Hiding in a Opera House Also this isn’t ship art!! In case anyone misreads he hearts, they are FAMILY and Elizabeth is a MINOR!! They/Them | Minor | NSFW/Proshippers DNI | Fnaf, Cookierun, and Batman | Digital Artist | Watermark by @vayii2 ✨| ⚠️!!Do not repost my art without credit!!⚠️
MickeyF74 And for good reason!!! Dems are operating without concern of consequences, repercussions nor fear of punishment!! It's time to right the ship and clean the real crooks out asap!! Maga 2024 🇺🇸👊🔥 love family, friends, God and the Gamecocks! God bless America!!🇺🇸🐔🤙
Pcast_ol portland, or Current Episode of @AstronomicaPod #OLpod Join Star Master Stan and regular players Colin, Cullen, Geoff, and Kristen as they crew the definitely-not-piloted-by-a-rogue-AI ship The Admiral Grace. Ep > 83: Oops All CBs Binge-listened every podcast in your queue? We'll find you something new. Check us out. #BLM #LGBTQplus Visit our store and get your 'cast featured.
aDreamingNomad Birmingham @PhuzzyBond We thought maybe as part of Captaincy that we should get a ship sunk counter... Showing how many times you sunk and which ships you sink... #SeaOfThieves Boatswain of @DADSPirates, #TwitchAffiliate Streamer, Love Photography, Graphic Design.
ServinUchian California @RastekhizeIrani If there’s any pretty Iranian cuties that want an American citizen ship and happy marriage hmu
noella_glass USA Now she places a stereo system under the 187th's General's ship and plays Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo on repeat for an hour, on loud. Then scurries away. "Noise war engaged." Literate/Descriptive Writer. RP's: Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Hellraiser, Crossovers, Horror, Sci-Fi, MV. Harry Potter Horror Lover, Sci-Fi Lover.
HannibalBarnes Long Beach CA This where the shiki & homera ship started. Homera naked in a hot spring states that she very fond of shiki. That is hint that homera might have romantic feeling for shiki on some level. And it makes sense. Shiki is a bit of a lady killer. It the chief Barnes.
GenCarlson New York We’ve already talked about how pushing the wolverine and Jean ship over Scott and Jean was one of the worst things they did with those movies Lucifer Incarnate. Wrestler. Mother. Lois Lane. COTM #1 Fan. #SailorScouts Sailor Mars. Leo🦸🏻‍♂️💙 RP Account
Emmyvic_ Awka, Nigeria @haywhy_jj 2nd answer is in the Bible. Noah ,the sons and daughter in-laws entered the ship before the rain An optimist |football fan| Hardworking and friendly
Jesus_porvida Commifornia “To forgive is the loose the anchor and let the ship set sail” -John MacArthur † Goat farmer, follower of Jesus🌷Reformed…kinda cage stage. Sola Scriptura … abortion abolitionist.. ANTI VAXX. all of em ..
DefraggedH On June 25, 1600, against express orders, Captain Banckert's war ship had joined a group of forty rogue merchant ships, carrying the States' army's supplies, who wanted to reach Ostend before the competition. At Blankenberge, the wind dropped and they were sitting ducks. (2/6) Defragmented History: how it started, how it ended, and pretty much everything in between. Check out Defragged History's YouTube channel!
Jia_Nimi "does this scare you" is not the way to stand for jimin and defend him, its just jokers way of trying to validate their ship. Only Jimin 😍
drgoomy El Paso, TX @TheCowbellLover @Its_Oshie @A_dmg04 Nothing is a guaranteed drop after a certain amount of runs, and for what it’s worth, there’s no weekly lockout on the ship; everything just has an abysmal drop rate unfortunately. It took me near 100 runs to get the titan helmet for the badge. he/him
Salohcin417 #Spoilers Just finished #DrStrangeMultiverseOfMadness and I’m still #TeamWanda. As part of the worst timeline in my multiverse can super relate to wanting to jump ship. Also don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy. 24-year old NJ-based gaymer whose loved playing video games forever and recently decided to give streaming a shot :D | He/Him | Affiliate 11/7/2020
Mom24monsters @gtconway3d Well, yeah, we all know he’s innocent! Note, sarcasm is one of my first languages. What I am serious about is, regardless, McCarthy is a rat, and I wish all of the other GOP members that support trump would flee the sinking Trump ship! I feel guilty because I like real rats. I’m a blind Mom and a Nana. I enjoy helping others when I can. I love all things ghosty, and I love Halloween when all of the scary movies come out.
AWomanStabbedMe I will never move on from Killing Eve, I might drift or watch other shows, might cheer for some ship here and there but villaneve is always gonna be the it ship for me, even if it sank in the Thames. ⁦ Women don't stab she/her | 24
AstroHappyfrog Texas, USA Your smoking @benbarnes imma have my alien ship nab ur fine British tail!!! Operation: steal Ben Barnes and take him to Saturn with muahhhhhhhhh❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸👻🌎😎🤣♥️👍🏻👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 SHAMAN. RDN, CDM-CFPP, CYT, Air Force Veteran: Meritorious Service Medal 2007, OPERATION: Iraqi Freedom SECRET CLEARANCE. F.R.O.G. forever relying on God!
havocpioneer @eunnieverse He looks like a hall of presidents anamatronic that is rotting and broken, but they wanted to keep it for posterity and replace the broken parts, but then ran into a ship of theseus conundrum and gave up on repairs Drawing person | FFXIV mostly | Petra Ralres on Jenova | maybe more later
psybilium Los Angeles, CA @GPorteriv @neverspeaknow @dahsteria @TheVixensworld All of this is what I’m talking about. The ship is sinking and the crew is bicking over who has it the worse. It’s not a contest. We’re all dead. Throwing blanket statements around, as true as they are, isn’t helping. This is what the right wants. 🗡 Prop Department in the Film Industry 🗝 Hyper-Dimensional 💜 Chaotic Good ✨Magic User ☠️ he/they 💫 polyam/pan 🏳️‍🌈
_aseelhzebara_ Lebanon Just like the creator of the titanic challenged god (swt) but the ship still sank, anyone who dares god and profess their sins by supporting or being a part of this stupid dumb community will be punished in dunya before akhira. اللهم انّي بلّغت اللهم فاشهد 🙌🏻 #ban_lgbtq ﴿ وَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُفْلِحُونَ ﴾
WoodstockSusie Woodstock, Ontario @AOC I love this response - you need to push to be on every cable network saying just that. No BS, no kid gloves, just straight talk. It's time AOC... it's time to let the lizard loose. The public needs you now and needs you to be forceful. F*ck niceties... that ship has sailed. Proud Progressive Canadian🇨🇦 Rebel Artist 'HotPocket' Man #BLM 👁‍🗨 US Police need to check themselves Trump has late stage syphilis NO DMs please.
212Kolor @RaidenDaiIchi @mil17459623 Well may and jhonny "may" have a ship, but chipp got a chipp my ass
littlescribbs @Catradora131 Honestly you guys gotta stop trying to argue with dumb people. It's pointless. Catradora is a great and well written ship, people who don't like or appreciate the groundbreaking importance of it can go argue to the wall 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🏳️‍🌈🇵🇹 She/Her. 30 | Ocasional digital artist | fanartist who draws mainly sapphics | Multi-fandom. Credit if reposting pls 😊
ForeverTahj I'll only ship Indiyah and Dami after Casa Amor, thats where the real test is. One thing the men on this show have taught me is no matter how solid they are with their girls, they will always disappoint you. #LoveIsland Be intentional in everything you do. This is my public diary tbh.
yosaydat If Amazon is charging me to pick up my item… and charging me to ship it. I’m not buying from Amazon. 🗣 WE ARE IN A RESESSION JEFF Loading…
MarkBur63379803 @noclador No, Putin is crap scared of war with NATO. We could flag these ships UK or US and clear mines and provide the necessary insurance (the latter is blocking any movement). Any attack on a flagged ship is war with NATO. Thinker, doer, father, blah

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