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ANI India #WATCH | There is a poison in the mind of Kharge. It's a prejudiced mind towards PM Modi and BJP. This kind of thinking comes because of desperation as they are unable to fight him politically and they are seeing that their ship is sinking... People will teach them a lesson:… Asian News International. Multi-media news agency, content for information platforms: TV, Internet, broadband, newspapers, mobiles
LouDobbs New York, NY Here we go--the U.S. military is spread too thin abroad, under-resourced, under-manned, and poorly led. And our impaired Puppet President seems far too eager to engage the US in conflict: #TheGreatAmericaShow Iran seizes ship in Gulf of Oman, US Navy says…
engineers_feed When you transport something by Car it is called Shipment and when you transport something by Ship it is called Cargo. The most fun way to learn something new everyday.
bisexualcrises she/they • if ur under 16 DNI half of yall just have bad taste and pretend it was "forced" and the other half ship katara with a guy who was personally nasty to her for multiple seasons. u know who elise | homophobes and transphobes fork off | black lives matter | abolish the police | abolish the death penalty | proshippers dni
YeeterMcYeetYee Oh last note,there are also some loading issues and pop ins. If it seems like a door is glitched or progress blocked just wait a few seconds for the assets to load it should fix. Mostly happens when loading one of the main areas, happened again while in ship loading a message. Direct descendant of Sir Oofer Von Oofington V and a long line of Oofingtons. ❤️ creatives | game/anime/movies/photography/art/tech | chill
soupofmd she/they i ship chauncey and the guy that wanted to buy stede’s booty kristian, samba and rhys perceived me, 420 blazed the midnight oil, og rhysister | 22 | 🏳‍🌈🏴‍☠🔞
PensionedA @nescio13 Thanks. I agree, but do go further: when prestige signals merit, no one should find it objectionable. My concern is that other means of gaining prestige, like brand name doctorates, are even more tenuous than he publication system, and so should go down with the ship. While on sabbatical I'm a contrarian intellectual who Fights the System. While teaching I'm a gatekeeper complicit in the exploitation of contract workers.
faharsh USA My only ship, and that's how we stay sane 😌 Do you want to stay down there or get up and reach the skies? - Aryan Singh Rathore ♥︎ | ꜰᴀɴ ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ #HarshdChopda • #FahmaanKhan
OmegaMirioPower Baku's Omega and Peach Rings @CrazedCart00ns Hi my friend I will rp with you and our favorite ship MiriTama. Just DM me first okay MiriBaku posts only 💛🧡💮🍑 NFSW No Minors 🔞 Bi Miri×Baku💛🧡🍑🏳️‍⚧️ Age: 38 RP as Miri Sub/Bottom ~Only~ Writer: MiriBaku 💛🧡🌸
ProstArnoux But there the Mighty One, Yahweh, will be for us A place of rivers and wide canals On which no boat with oars will go, And on which no mighty ship will pass— For Yahweh is our judge, Yahweh is our lawgiver, Yahweh is our king; He will save us— Isaiah 33:21&22
venisebitchh at the mermaid motel accidentally texted my landlord ‘hehe’ instead of ‘haha’ i need to get on a ship heading to the old world and start anew God bless the universe, God bless the ocean, God bless you and, God bless me
hoppermark Belleville, Ontario Today on the bay. April 28 @weathernetwork @CanGeo CCGS Limnos[a] is a Canadian Coast Guard coastal research and survey vessel and it is named after the Greek island of Limnos which itself derived from "limni", the Greek word for lake. The ship entered service in 1968 and is… Toronto Born Visual / Photographic Artist, Loving nature and all its glory......Award winning and always loving the gift I am given. All Images with @sony
vevaaaan 📍Mikage Reo I need cupid to hit one of ya'll with the Baroreo addiction arrow. Their chemistry would be great I CAN'T BELIEVE NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE SHIP THEM 😩 May cupid hit one of ya'll SO HARD that you make a 100K slow burn, my enemy's bestie has a crush on me and maybe it's mutual+ Vev here (:x) 🌵✌️ *choki pose* ||🔞❗|| 19+ || she/her || Current hyperfixation revolves around Allreo 🤍💜 Reo haters DNI 😭
AnncyGoransson Sweden So. A Danish ship on patrol saw and took pictures of a Russian ship equipped with mini-submarines in the area and at the time where the Nordstream pipelines was blown up. It had turned their transponders off but it´s hard to hide in these waters. Swedish Public Service TV. Journalist, translator, Swedish, anglophile, news junkie, book- and film lover, a bit of a cynic, have no time for fools. Friendly, humorous, lazy, feminist.
TechLunchPailD Insanely impressive how the #Hokies have righted the ship. Take away the Radford midweek loss and VT probably is a comfortable 2 seed with a clear and somewhat attainable path to a 1 seed and hosting Home of The TLP, the premier sports blog covering the Hokies!
Deltus10Deltus @tms007 @ZelenskyyUa @eucopresident EU farmers have to do many restrictions and companies were buying cheapest grain from Ukraine that wasn't even examined. I don't even talking about customs duties. Poland only agree transit grain to the ship and to Africa. Polish farmers need also feed families.
EwanMacKenna Portugal. Brazil. Ireland. @Socialist_Doggy @kavvie1 So what's more stupid, burning fuel on site or banning that fuel for climate reasons meaning you've to cut down the lungs of the earth and stick it on a massive ship to cross the world to make electricity? They made that choice and these are consequences of their brains. Sports Writer of Year once. Author of Chaos Is A Friend Of Mine plus 4 other books. Hates bullcrap. Host of Think For Yourself:
cscarlore camp half-blood • cabin 8 @geokeiraxo in one of the twts im in both emojis in my dn represent a character and i wanted to make it clear i dont ship them 😭😭 @curzies_ & @artistrylive_❤️||pjotwt||he/him ||#spacetwt
emesistm True power is having characters and being able to ship them together I'm Fawn! 20+ and go by she/they. I like doing a variety of things, and we'll see where I evolve as time goes on. Artist, gamer, writing fanatic
soupofmd she/they new ship just dropped: doug and buttons kristian, samba and rhys perceived me, 420 blazed the midnight oil, og rhysister | 22 | 🏳‍🌈🏴‍☠🔞
peeping1 nyc @espn firing Marly Rivera over an argument?. She had every right to be angry . The other reporter moved in on her interview with Aaron Judge . ESPN jumped the ship here . Firing a minority and female reported . I love to have fun ; with positive people
GSED_001 Los Angeles, CA Countdown til all the artists, DJs and my favorite virtue signaling promoters all jump ship from turning an obvious blind eye to then virtue signal as to why they are no longer associated with said party… again Gamal Sharaf El Deen • DJ • Creator of vision, sound and live ritual.
JasonSm68697565 Almighty being killed all of the ugly races. 3690 races. I will get my reward. PlayStation singularity and a ship.
BuckyFullerBot Seattle, WA Where human beings have the equipment to tune in, and you may be familiar with getting into, if you have an automobile, or a ship, or an airplane, getting into your talking radio equipment then you have unique bands that you can tune in on. Random sentences from Buckminster Fuller's 42-hour lecture entitled: Everything I Know. #Bucky #Buckminster #Buckminsterfuller #Buckyfuller
Pichu7910 @majornelson #XboxFreeCodeFriday I would have to pick wall E and the ship from Wall E
cordelia_not North Central WV @drakeberkman That part hasn't happened but I'm sure it will because they keep having conversations about tuberculosis where the ship doctor and surgeon don't seem to grasp just how communicable of a disease that is Appalachian Autistic Transfemme. Student of Proletarian Feminism and Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Lots of tweets about my wife and also whatever books I'm reading
gioia079 Switzerland @vminxmate @miniekkuu No, for them it's just a ship because for them there is no BTS relationship as friends and co-workers😏 BILLBOARD 1 ARTIST Bts💜Jimin FACE❤️‍🔥 Like Crazy is a bop!!🔥🔥
edelqards nsfw likes + rts sometimes i’ll remember how smart it was for nightow to name knives’s ship the ark and i go a bit insane cilicia ☆ 20, she/they | lesbian
ExodusGhost Cyberspace Nerd Question of the Day: If you wanted to track a ship that had disabled it’s AIS tracking beacon, I wonder if it’s possible to get within enough range to try and track it using an RF spectrum analyzer? I know very little about frequencies used by ships. Darknet Diaries Ep: 70 Cybersecurity writer/ Founder of Electronik Tribulation Army/Former Black hat & Insider Threat /#OpChildSafety
cockroachwalz 18 he i have a fear that andrea from antonio's lore will end up being a parallel to andrew and ppl will ship t0nidr3w because of it but then i remember idv has martha & martha and martha & margaretha & mary & mary & marjorie & insane person. Andrew kreiss boyfriend ⌛️⛓/📰🐝
jimichang32 Jersey City/NYC, USA @globaltimesnews The Second Thomas Shoal is within Philippines EEZ. It's the China Coast Guard aggressive actions to intimidate the Philippine patrol ship and prevent their duties. #CCP #coward #CCG #sovereignty IT Professional, Traveler, Photographer #jimiphotog #kuyaeastcoast
BarryFleeting Kilwinning, Scotland A wee lunch at the Ship Inn to celebrate 25 year anniversary of the football development programme in North Ayrshire. I was lucky enough to start my journey in sport with them 24 years ago. One of the favourite times in my career, amazing people, great job and the best memories. Head of Centre @InverclydeNSTC Married with 2 beautiful girls and a handsome little boy. Volunteer Football Coach at Kilwinning Rangers. Views are my own
Diluc_files Belgium @wanderlust20002 Well, I do ship Olivier with both Mueller and Scherazard. I cannot imagine Olivier's life without Mueller at his side. So him being married to one woman like defeats everything set up with him being a serial romantic. This man cannot stay in a closed relationship, he's going to - He/him and they/them - gay trans man - 19 - I love my autism! - I swear I'm not attracted to blond twinks-- 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
CHRISTIANEKWUJ1 Have you heard of gentletrips on instagram they sell and ship psychedelics shrooms acid dmt mdma I have ordered from them and I can say there products are the best check them out life is beautiful with the right mindset
benpalmach1967 Florida, USA @calder_price This is a clear act of piracy and war. Give them 2 hours to get the fork off our ship or else we lay waste to their entire oil infrastructure. Ultra Zionist
all_about_ship Greece, Piraeus Port Of Long Beach Welcomed MV George III The Port of Long Beach on Wednesday welcomed Pasha Hawaii’s MV George III, the first container ship powered by liquefied natural gas to refuel on the West Coast Visit and learn more here...
jeffsfort @_0verload @frivolouswhim @TerryMatalas @JeriLRyan @ToddStashwick @gates_mcfadden @levarburton @ItsMichelleHurd @MicaBurton Not for me it wasn't. Neo-Constitution Class... It's another hat tip, Kinda like the short-lived Enterprise A ;) She's an underdog ship with an underdog senior staff and crew. She may not have brute force but even Riker used it throw a frickin' asteroid at the Shrike ;) Come on! Amateur author, web & graphics designer, master of nothing!
xoxo_FP_ @xoIaii @F4IIRYDR34M I bought 14 things fir 5 dollars and bought like 20 items with store credit it does take upto 2 weeks to ship since its coming from china but its not sketchy i got everything and it was all really good quilty I BABYSIT ADOPT ME PETS, PROOF IS IN MY PIN COMMENT✨petsitting slots 1/3
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godisbeidou art by @/teajinie @chrkeep I already told you I don't care, ship whatever you want. And Kaveh canonically wants to move out, Alhaitham canonically wants him to move out. People literally ship them exactly because the two dont like each other and they like enemies to lovers 😭 JENNIE BTS DREAMCATCHER ATEEZ VICTON OT6 she/her, bisexual
CHRISTIANEKWUJ1 Have you heard of gentletrips on instagram they sell and ship psychedelics shrooms acid dmt mdma I have ordered from them and I can say there products are the best check them out life is beautiful with the right mindset
shishe_pikin So because he doesn't want to centre his life around a ship that is not even worth it his fans are Controlling him u pple must tink pple are blind go and tie him inside the ship na you don't have brother and sister to force inside marriage that you will not control ? #KanagaJnr Am a whole mood You determine the side of me you see
levgarrity she/her ⚣ 21 @macabretism im “staunchly anti harringrove” as in i absolutely forking HATE that ship but i just block ppl who post it instead of harassing and bullying them over it bcs it’s not really that serious. that’s all “proship” means in the way mimi uses it. literally just blocking and moving on i’m like if prince wilhelm of sweden had multiple personality disorder | @macabretism 🤍
AnObtuseGnome @VitoComedy They are going to ship an incomplete product and let the moderate fix their crap. Very gnome. "The prince of obtuse." I don't care about your dumb opinions. By engaging I assume you can handle our conversation.
johnmikey082 A Country that used to debate and discuss Ship Building, Building of Super Highways, Manufacturing of Sophisticated Fire-Arms, Manufacture of Lithium Cables etc, has now been reduced to discussing whether the price of Unga is 159/ or 162/😂😂
RonJeffries Pinckney, MI Python 55 - Still More Timers In for a penny and all that, I do the Ship's spawning Timer, somewhat the same but slightly different. I mention a Fundamental Learning. I'm sure you can figure out who I am if you really want to. ronjeffries on the pachyderm social thingie.
MoonWaveAtelier The Crystal Kingdom @DAPWrites People don't want to see the intersections; they want to "other" and "those people" to trans people and it's like little do they know, we're all on the same ship and just cause the sink hole is on their side doesn't mean it's not coming for us too. Artisan Jewelry Ready to Color your World 🌈 • Designer/Creator: Rique (they/them) • Backup Page: @MWAbackup /
webtwsa 16 he/xe 🎐 eng/esp OK read carrd byf @6alladeer i did 😭 and like i said proportions? u urself said that every fandom has ship content like that so u have 2 know what i mean .. ‘child like’ as in they be drawing shorter characters like those sh*tacons do! have u considered that maybe u misinterpreted the tweet urself? i will spread the one piece agenda worldwide 🇵🇷
vminxmate @miniekkuu I detest tkkers, but will i ever ha/te tkk cuz of those dum/b fck fans....NEVER EVER IN MILLION. BECAUSE I CAN DIFFERENTIATE. AND I AM A FCKING JKKER, NOT EVEN ME BEING JKKER GIVES ME RIGHT TO HATE ANY DUO JUST CUZ I DONT BELIEVE IN THAT DUO'S SHIP. LIKE WT/F Army OT7 | 22 | • soulmates vmin • sun&moon duo jikook • 🐻🐥🐱🐨🐰🐿️ 🐹 HYBE/BH HATES JM SO I HATE HYBE/BH FCK BILLBOARD & BANGPD
lakefieldmoscow Brooklyn, NY in fact, the government had virtually no interest in identifying this ship, and said so. “it does not intrigue me,” said peter goelz, the national transportation safety board’s managing director. i post a lot about wwii

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