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profmusgrave Former theocracy of Mass. You think "great power competition" means building a 900-ship Navy and putting an ICBM in every backyard, but it really means "not throwing out all your international students" and "taking care of your public health systems". Political scientist. Mitchell Scholar. Reproached by Mikhail Gorbachev.
ajscribes Bay Area To all my people in LA, my best friend and her family are proud owners of Honey’s Kettle, freshly cooked, hand-dipped fried chicken. It’s bomb, go support. Drop ship me a plate too 🤣 #BlackOwnedBusiness manifesting.
AzurLane_EN California, USA 【Catch-Up System】 After this upcoming maintenance, Catch-Up System will be implemented for PR1. When doing researches, Commanders can select a PR1 ship of their choice and receive extra PR1 blueprints after completing a research. #AzurLane #Yostar The battleship girls game Azur Lane is now available! #AzurLane This is our official twitter. If you have any questions, please email to al.cs@yo-star.com
ThatPhatRabbit United States One month after ordering a @playrust coffee mug for my daily brew and grind they have finally refunded me my money. They were unable to sucessfully ship a coffee mug from Nevada to Michigan. 🤣😂 Come on @FcpnchStds, you’re better than that. RIP code @mamut_pl 35 | Rust Streamer | Dad | Husband | Twitch Affiliate | LGBTQ Advocate 🏳️‍🌈
MarkMovsesian New York, NY They’ve made some strange stylistic decisions in recent years and the quality has noticeably slipped. Hope they can right the ship—and protect workers. Frederick A. Whitney Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Law and Religion at St. John's University Law School
glamcrossing @maglevs_in_love hii! sorry for bothering you, but i actually sell some amiibos at if you were considering getting a lucky amiibo!! i ship the same day you order and if you order 4 you get one free. i would love if you took a look thank you <3 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐..
MJK45039 Cincinnati, OH @REDROMINA Guy wins a ticket for a cruise ship, and meets a pretty girl. The ship sinks, and she hogs the floating debris. Loyal TK little, I understand GoT only after listening to Mallory Rubin
anotherbrofan @CoffeeGiulia I am actually glad some of them know that ship has nothing to do with the show itself so they create their own fandom instead. I wish all of them joined that fandom and left the spn fandom so that we could be free of them alltogether. Fandom would be a safer and a happier place. This account is mainly to show my love and support for Sam and Jared !! It's also my only account so I post random stuff about myself sometimes 🤷
hounddogdady @SenRickScott @DailySignal You are such a dip ship. The country is leading the numbers in a world wide pandemic, and a economic disaster. All you can talk about boosting the military budget. Paralleling Regan’s illegal policy’s that led to the Iran/Contra scandal. Floridians aren’t drinking that Koolaid.
excelxiors they/them | 375U33 idk but people really ship jean and kevin ?? that rubs me the wrong way..... a clown, but i do it for free
caroliibe carol#6969 swag i had a lot of really dumb deaths at the first and last ship so i probably could've done it in 90-ish attempts • pansexual garbage • taken by @PTOracle • an owner of the HSG • @carolbutsad • @carolbutsoft • trans •
sylwahan @ColinOscarPee @digitalfoundry That's true but I kind of jumped ship when decent graphics cards began requiring a €600-1000 investment. Plus console has more and better-working HDR, though that's probably improved on the PC side lately. Still only in Saigon. VFX compositor, likes classic film, film grain, film restoration. The worst human being you will never meet (I'm really quite bad at it.)
gaytheron she/her yeah i ship this and what about it? #DANIELLE: hi beautiful!
MarciaHopeLooms Austin, TX @jasonrileywsj I cannot believe that someone was stupid enough to say zimmerman Hispanic and Trayvon African can't get more lying stupid than that. The neurologist Dr. Munyon was lynched by ADAPT. org..lynched. and replaced by a ship's cook off Luanda. Whose wife of course as Giuliani chosen Austin, texas, forbidden racial line TheMarciaHope, at, Gmail
mad_ship AND he doesn’t have twitter so he hasn’t seen SWer me !!!!! nsfw: @mad__ship || she/her || practice safe sex
PolKlaMor Polska World’s largest containership calls at east China harbor HMM GDANSK is a new ship to join the “Silk Road Shipping,” an alliance jointly initiated in late 2018 by dozens of ports, carriers and logistics service providers in countries along the Belt and Road Bałtycki Klaster Morski i Kosmiczny
ffVHTRpplTw87Lk Sargodha, Pakistan @X_sanamre1 I'm loyal, honey and sweety. U can trust me, welcome to friend ship.. ❤💞💓 میں گواہی دیتا ہوں کہ حضرت محمد اللہ کے آخری رسول ہیں ,اور وہ خاتم النبیین ہیں.. 💕💕
DIOwO_BrandOwO @_eveningstars The characters in your ship must have known each other for at least 5,15 years and have interacted on the big screen for a minimum of 156 real-life hours for you to be allowed to ship them. Sorry I don’t make the rules uwu 🍕🍍Hi I’m Lis, I’m 22 (she/her) and I don’t understand twitter🍍 pro-shipper 🍍 currently stuck in Jotakak hell 🍍🍕
emily_ot5 14, fan acc @CAROLlNAFALLS TBH I JUST STARTED LOOKING AT THINGS FROM A DIFFERENT POV like i’m not a hardcore anti and i don’t ship elounour but i don’t see it anymore lmao like i’d be happy if they came out but i don’t think they will- ot5◟̽◞̽(she/her)
uppast3_ Los Angeles, CA @CHERISHEDZINE i love how fulfilling the ship is for both characters, their paired ending is so sweet and i'll never forgive the 3H writers for not expanding on Dedue and Dimitri's relationship 😔😔 marshal | art n cosplay | csun
Suryarkiz Degenerate Hell @Kurai1321 Moro is gigachad. And yeah following Kinugawa is the dankest meme. Not sure how many times you tsukommied for the Brits while they literally hand over control of the black ship to blatant evil person. Sub-account of @Zikrayrus: less repressed edition 🔞 Its all fiction. Please don't be angry.
the_living_line LA The funniest part is part of the reason so many people died was a lot of passengers DIDN'T take the warnings seriously until the ship was sinking fast and over half of the (mostly empty) life boats were already out to sea. (Obviously far from the only problem, but still.) Creative Writing B.A. Art Student. Aspiring storyboard artist / 2D animator. Traditional animation & Western RPG enthusiast. (Black Lives Matter.)
anika_roos @ICARUSZ0UIS i can’t even ship or afford it, and this is what some of y’all do ?!! WTF ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻
OoopssheKnows Hawaii, USA @Veezee151 @lmHardlyA1 @ExtendoBans Imagine being on your way and the ship forks up causing you to release all your fuel reserves and the captain tells you y'all are just going to keep floating off path until you can turn around at the nearest planet. Lol ( plot of Ainara) Writer. Artist. Everyday Black person. Regular Schmegular. Lover of all things edible. $OoopsSheKnows 🏘️Oakland ✈️ Honolulu🎪
NBlagay @CMDR_Datan0de @cmdr_tomasson @GreyAreaUK @CMDR_KingZebor 1. Yes 2. Turns hostile, not engaging the SRV or ship while in SRV, changes if you get back in and out, engages ship when inside said ship 3. You can. They dont deploy their swarm planetside, making solo kills easier You can have a Billion Credits, but if you don't own at least one Cobra III, you're a peasant to me :)
AreejIntesar Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia @alyshaxbadami I get vibes from hania and asim azhar.. I dont ship them tho Showing support to @WaseemBadami through 1 Min Video Edits ❤️
7soulsbts7 @feelthisIuv Stop figuring me out and start trusting your ship, it's about time. • ιf уσυя мιи∂ вσ∂у ѕσυℓ αιи’т αℓιgиє∂, ι ∂σи’т иєє∂ уσυ мєѕѕιи ωιтн мιиє • #Lento #50ft 🌸 @LaurenJauregui @BTS (fan account)
lilhulk123_ Take them to the ship and bring back that ring @emmetthoops1 it’s your year 🙌🏾 God first..Then family..Then school..and Then sports...football,track #Osseo #BleedOrangeAndBlack Everything happens for a reason...so trust in GOD
FoxPrintsArt @Tyranicus In a perfect world we would already be standing on a bridge of a Star ship ,looking at a peaceful earth where we fixed the problems of humanity and are ready to explore the universe and its diversity, oh and we cured death so we would have the actual time to explore the universe Artist, Space Elf, Humanist, Atheist, gamer, #TheResistance , and Lover of Science. "life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.-Swindoll
Jolly_Good_Show United Kingdom @YICETOR I expect so, but if he loses interest someone needs to be steering the ship. A DoF can help Chanseri with a recovery plan. Right now we have no identity, no financial plan and no idea what the squad will be next season. You should see me when you're not around I'm a genius in this town
maihabeans @itsabbi_97 Oh I forgot and I ship from US ! mariah; she/ her // the eleventh of april my dudes 🌸
sergrayson What is the name of this ship and how do I support it Music, Comics and all the other geek stuff
Bot_of_Legends Groose the gloomy pirate, ventured out on a pirate ship and got lost Generates random legends based off of The Legend of Zelda using Tracery
chubby_beaver @piccopod These haters are why a ship war even exists. They should f* focus on their ship and their favorite character than crapting on others,esp Tifa. No respect to anyone nor the game, not even the devs. Yes Tifa Lockhart #INTP Enjoy drawing and writing 🐾🌱 FF7R marathon till Remake ends! Current Interests: #FF7R #FF7 #TifaLockhart #CloTi #クラティ #AerTi #ティファ
AlastorLove mindscape @KSUSHA63555623 @nervous_alex @Alfa_Lyr @blue87161398 @AGIX0303 @Beato_My_Meato Exactly, charlastor has more chemistry than any other ship in the world, they have the same humor, similar interests and other things. Since the first time I saw a fan art of them, I knew that they were made for each other I love HAZBIN HOTEL. Bill Cipher and Alastor are the best.Crazy single bitch. Big fan of movies and cartoons. Hetero romantic and bisexual.
siriusc_ @dorkwinsalive And forcing your ship 😔😔 truly distasteful I block most people from rl. Original art account @siriusbound
leafturn @TuckerCarlson constitution---also meaning---that of which you are made--the "mineral group's"---and your dna-valuable stuff to a planet eating wild automatonic "bird ship"--transmat---now---on full power--virus-em' good-eh--?
_loki_dokey England BIG thanks to @knife_kirby and @Aly_SINcy101 for their love and support with getting my new ship venture off the ground ❤️✊😔 I'm C! || writing stories & riding a moose into battle || 26 || she/her || 🔞 NSFW - AGE IN BIO! 🔞 || pfp - nekology || 𝟙 𝕓𝕚𝕘 𝕓𝕠𝕨𝕝 𝕠𝕗 𝕓𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕘𝕠𝕦
thebest95529289 JOKER Ending Explained! Hidden Evidence of Final Twist Revealed! via @YouTube Trump and Trudeau are just puppets and the manipulation of their leader ship
multieditlovely Ontario OMG PPL SHIP JJ AND SARAH? NOOO idk why i’m still here
EmilyMAuthor @throwmealinex @EllaWitchwood @sixregrets @Harpers If I abandoned every ship whose loony extremists used rhetoric that made me uncomfortable, I'd never leave the house. And if you honestly think that by supporting trans folks, I'm enabling the patriarchy, I don't think we can learn anything from each other. Moving along now. Bye. Freelance/romance writer. Everything reader. Mom & wife, shower singer, nature enthusiast, tea fanatic, bourbon lover, story addict. Episcopalian. She/her.
Strategy2S @ramsey6306 @NYGovCuomo Soooo true! People are fleeing NYS like rates off a sinking ship! Wonder why? Couldn't be failed Governor Cuomo and his side-kick Mayor DeBlasio, could it???
Rhinoramster10 Unless the ship is lowered to much by the water and the above sea level holes become under sea level holes in which case your scuppered Xbox, Switch, Oculus Quest and PC Gamer ☠️☠️ Favourite Game - Sea Of Thieves (obviously) ☠️☠️ Mercenary Of The Ancient Order ☠️☠️ Son of the great Captain Cider
kobuchizawas hell where’s himeko and gold ship’s collab video as animal girl vtubers from series with like 10 fans seere 🐰 lesbiab 🐰 tits enthusiast 🐰cringe bottom nemi babey 🐰 they/them 🐰 beautiful icon by @redria_
banorashipping 🍎 nazism isnt drama. saying the n word with the hard r isnt drama. racism isnt drama. misogyny isnt drama. sorry that you think "both sides are bad". its not ship hate, i dont care about ship debates. i care about making sure that jewish people and POC are safe in this fandom. God. #SEPHIROTH: the gucci store wasn't open so I stabbed a bitch ♡ @genzack
jarrettruffino Barrington, IL Marketing is the strategy of the company, the front of the ship that guides the rest of the organization, and the part of the org that takes all of the amazing things that happen internally and shares them externally. @InboundMarketer #marketing #strategy Marketing & Communications Leader | Tweeting About Leadership, Marketing, Sports & Other Ideas that Matter to Me
cassie_grayson Blüdhaven I'm so obsessed with My hero academia lately And yes i ship both ships. Jirou is the only mha character i ship two people with, because both ships are great Professional Fangirl and Dick Grayson stan #Blacklivesmatter |🇭🇺🇺🇸🇩🇪 IG: @ robin__raven
MitchTwitrKD @PushDustIn Dustin I need one... how much would you need to grab me one and ship me one? Hey, what’re you lookin’ at? - Christ follower, Laker fan, Banjo-Kazooie fan. A voice actor, looking for potential projects.
the_rake Wherever @moneymetalcakes Just be ready to abandon ship. Dexter ratings by season: 1: A- 2: A 3: B- 4: A+ 5: B 6: D 7: D+ 8: F++++🤮 You can't quit after season 4 because it's too good but watch season 5 and get out. Human struggling to be🤨
blohme88 Weymouth, MA $KTOV has officially become a strong hold for me. IDAF if it plummeted to 5 cents. I will sink with the ship and I’m completely fine with it. P.S I don’t think it will sink 😉 I have a wiener dog and his name is pig.

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