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cnnbrk Everywhere Indonesia's Sriwijaya Air lost contact with a plane that left Jakarta, an official says. Search and rescue has sent a ship to the location where the plane is suspected to have lost contact. Breaking news from CNN Digital. Now 60M strong. Check @cnn for all things CNN, breaking and more. Download the app for custom alerts:
LittleMissFlint Flint, MI Hi, I'm Mari, I'm 13 and for the past five years I have been fighting to get clean water, not just in Flint, but in the hundreds of communities nationwide dealing with toxic water. I have my own filter that I ship nationwide to help people. Flint Kid Founder #DearFlintKids & #WednesdaysForWater. Cheerleader. Future President. Watch Me Change the World. Account Administrated By Mom LL
anniekarni Washington, DC How the resignations and disavowals are playing inside the building - “They’re bottom feeders,” says @JasonMillerinDC. “The Dems will hate them, the Trump base is going to hate them for being rats jumping ship. I guess they’re auditioning for jobs at the Lincoln Project.” White House correspondent, New York Times. MSNBC and NBC News contributor. Annie.Karni@nytimes.com
certifydincubus ♡nsfw 18+♡ MDNI ! @kiIIerdom i ship you with no girl in particular but someone who will treat you good and keep you happy :) SHE/he/THEY ! 18 ! thembo ~dm fee $5~ don’t save my content♡ belong to @sineaterjay ♥︎ join my discord! 18+ only !
InuShimano Scottsdale, AZ @Spottyroo Mm, yeah, I've seen that before, and had to ship a car down the street to the muffler shop because they were in a horrible place on mismatched diameters. Master Euro Auto Tech. BINX/Tiger and Shimano/Shiba Inu. M/58/Bi. Master of puns with a sprinkle of dad jokes. SFW some NSFW likes. ✂️TigerDad 📸ToucanDoStudios
MellieePoo Between Night Vale/King Falls. I know we're in a pandemic and all but damn Amazon your estimate to ship something is 2 months, dang, hope it doesn't take that long... ~TNM Nerd #274~#Community #LOST #The100(#Kabby) #BodegaHive #Manifest #Charmed(#Hacy) #TheOrville #TWD #TwinPeaks #Kfam Enjoy-er of pop culture-📺📚🎶🎨
tloomis Upstate New York @blaireerskine I hope he had enough time to sell and ship the podium to the highest bidder!! RN, Paramedic, mom of 4. #Resistance #BidenHarris2020 #VoteBlueDownBallot #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBlue #Resist #FBR #FollowBackResistance
aionimica @trixie_ren i mean..... in my star wars ttrpg game our main villain cut off my character's hand and i'm like.... yeah i would still ship them XD the limit does not exist Victoria ✨ small fish, big ocean ✨ #AmEditing Fantasy ✨ she/her✨ @SpaceBattlesPod cast member ✨ header by @LilibethSonar ✨icon by @kalaelizabeth
Glen_Berry WV @Caepan @KeithOlbermann It crossed my mind, but most of them aren't smart enough to pass the FCC test for the transmitting license. (FWIW: I just happen to hold an FCC license for broadcast radio repair work, with a ship radar endorsement, and I used to have an Amateur Radio license.) I'm a photographer. I also create digital audio, music, websites, and software.
exagerationsor Georgia, USA @IfNotNowOrg Iran’s Ayatollah band corona vaccines from US! Mocks USA while you blame Israel for lack of Vaccine. Irán, Hamas, Hezbolla reject vaccine to Palestinians for political stance. Leader ship and officials receive the vaccine survivor of Hamas and Syria with family and friends trying to get out of Gaza and Iran controlled territory
Zyler___ Explosion @1018ily @nekoskeppy I hate it so hard when someone draws skeppy and bad kissing and doing boufriend stuff and they’re like”I don’t ship skephalo I just use the tag to get reach🙄” zylerthenopal on insta
muililies :3 ashley did not just say 'another red and blue ship' on MY twitter timeline she/her ☆ 15 ☆ kny / tog / genshin ☆ not spoiler free!
whoreangeIic 18. mdni. she/her. bi. tw — hard kinks! i wanna do that ship me w someone thing but no one interacts w me and i’m shy dm for prices ♡ priv: @ditzycoree !
SAKURAlSM they/them ⋆16⋆ wait people ship shikamaru and ino?... #NARUTO: Let’s get this show on the road, Hinata!! @daniwyttez
ClintonKelii Honolulu, HI @Kealanohea1 @r_toddrentzlmft @Edwin_Boyette @gophawaii Reagan would have destroyed Biden in the election. Choose to go down with the ship, or choose the light on the hill. Wake up. Get rid of the Republican Party of Hawaii leadership. They represent the fringe, and the fringe never lasts. Small government, lower taxes, safer streets We are but fleas on a dog, and eventually, this beautiful planet is gonna scratch us off
SaltyFruitato Puerto Rico Fun Fact: I heavily shipped Shukita first before I started to ship Shuake too. I had started doing it out of spite and then I ended up actually having fun with it and now we here, multiship ayee Local Art Provider™ | MULTIFANDOM | Bilingual |🇵🇷| MAIN & ART ACCOUNT | COMMISSIONS CLOSED | Grad Student Artist | NSFW: @SpicyFruitato
CWB352Cane Boooyyy if we take that as after the ship and u remember Strong is a D analyst for Bama I know it’s a stretch but Manny ain’t playin either! ITS ALL ABOUT THE []_[], Miami Hurricane 4 life, I bleed orange and green🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿🙌
everfairys i love everything you do, when you call me forking dumb for the stupid crap i do do any oomfs wanna get close and have everyone ship us together and have actual feelings for each other but never act on it and annoy the rest of our oomfs🤔 FAE ! CLOUD ! THEY 🍼🍓🌱
raven_hopes Michigan, USA @hoseokiecutie94 I ordered on the 25th too and I’m still waiting for it to ship 😕 I’ll remember to not order on Christmas next time 😂 BTS LY SY Chicago 5/11 MOTS Chicago&Canada
Caligirl501 @AmazonHelp I have two orders now that were placed with prime delivery the delivery dates passed and @amazon decided to ship the bed frame and a tv stand with USPS 🥺 USPS can’t deliver the items I can’t lift them or for them in the car YET Amazon refuses to refund my money
HandsomeRandall Rochester, New York @ThePubliusUSA @mattgaetz Nah, I'm betting it was all of the folks who listened to the whiners like Gaetz and jumped ship from Twitter to Parlor. Wrestling commentator for POD Productions, You Tube Vlogger, Host of The Metal Mountain on Rochester Free Radio 106.3 FM.
hannagyeongs taengoo / snsd / rv ☆ and some people would rather skip on that suspense anyway. life is already confusing enough as it, some don't mind getting the assurance that "yes these two will be together". some of us choose to suffer and support the wrong ship anyway and that's okay A learner and a believer. Unspecific taste for dramas. Content is mainly drama rants and sufferings, + ladies. kim jiwon || kang hanna || chae soobin
katiebvby @madsphobia no it sounds like a pasta and we do not ship yt: katie darling msp & ig: officialkatiedarling
DougWar40K @RepKevinBrady We Earthlings have great and important tasks to accomplish soon. Focusing on my four years of collaboration with the alien overlords that recently unveiled their plan to grind all humanity into protein meal and ship them to the nursery world orbiting Procyon is simply unhelpful. In the grim, Doug future of Twitter, there is only Warren.
pasttrja Down the Yellow Brick Road @BusiswaGibson I guess hair and makeup has jumped ship also😂🤣😂🤣 Sheltering in place, trying to maintain sanity🥰
knowonesreal Indiana, USA @HackInformer I had the nexuses till the 3... Then I jump ship the Samsung and now I'm back at the pixels I've had the Pixel 1 in the Pixel 2... My pixel one's the 128 and I just use it for music at work corrupting AMERICAS youth 1 TRAILER PARK AND SECTION 8 housing complex AT A TIME......
HYDROBF THEY!VE!XE!MET! … MiNOR ☌ @mvyoii sorry antis that ur ship isnt as swag and cool as goyuu is ⌕ 悠仁 ⁈ 𝗫𝗶𝗡𝗚QIU࿒ NYA︕ ᕱ⑅ᕱ … @CRYOBF ♡
whelvelvet yumejoshi//nsfw "oomf followed that person who ship that and that dm me for the @ !" Me : 18⬆️ ❜ minors do not follow.
krau5e_alex Toronto, Ontario @john_fowler_jd @realDonaldTrump No of course not, social media enabled this mess. IMO, all of those jumping ship (now) after four years of devout following... don't get a free pass either (@BetsyDeVosED @tedcruz and co.) * exception @MittRomney who politics (aside) has spoken on record against 🍊 Regulated Industries Public Relations | Partner @alanaldous | Comms Director @NORMLcanada 🇨🇦 Instagram 📸 @askrause
Rudy_Trev Mexican. He/Him. @616cyclops Also also, if it were just Hickman alone writing, I wouldnt trust but because he’s the idea man I trust that the rest of them (Leah, Tini, and Vita mostly) will help steer the ship in the right direction. Otherwise it would be easier to just ignore her like they have Pietro Pokemon Master, Teen Wolf.
ventipesos minor! // notifs are off :') i dont think I ever had a rarepair ship til genshin came into the scene and honestly it's really eye opening 🇵🇭 | @poruvoron's doodles (and babble) acc
s_ongkangb @songkang_b on instagram. ☆ I can't help but to laugh at this. How can be Netflix so creative to make such a lovely yet scared footage to see at the same time? It's not about Sunoh and Jojo anymore. But Hyunsu Jojo is on the ship! I bet it would be another big hit for us! ㅋ 𝐑𝐏 ▪︎ 웹툰 왕자님 그리고 넷프릭스 아들 배우 송강 입니다. 스위트홈, 좋아하면 울리는 시즌 2, 나빌레라 계속 지원 해주십시오.
heritagesoftail @WincestGoddess They are just lying. Jensen hates anything t do with that ship, and they know it! Why else would they threaten him all the time about his view of it. I love God #24/7, Jesus, family, & friends. #J2Nation #Autism #J2 #SPN "I love you so much. My baby brother." #AKF #Walker #TheShow God Bless the USA, &Troops!
Vargas505cv @WhoopTheirItIs Rip and ship if u want? Blaster nfl or nba Check out what I'm selling on Mercari!
CJtheFineArtist Los Angeles, CA @GOPLeader you know what’s united? My two black bottom cheeks below my back, kiss it. #ImpeachTrumpNow If you had real goals, you would give up on that dictatorship, racist dominion fantasy, and jump ship, but you can’t because you are complicit in the coup. #Artist Carole J. McCoy #Painter Sculptor #IAWriting #Artivist⚖️ #IPaintMeAWorld 🌎 Beautifully for You&Me Colorfully As #Art #SupportLivingArtist @ArTallks
Vkookluuv @btsxdee You ship them, and the boys said they don’t want it. Like, bro? And did I said I own them? xD #weloveyouTaehyung
LetsAdoreYara she/her • 14 • I'm trying to think of postive things from the Jyrra ship because honestly for a time I didn't like it (especially when it turned out it wasn't really her) and it kind of rubbed me the wrong way tbh. I'm going to try to like this ship again because it was my first John ship. Yara Flor stan account | Yara Flor stan first, human being second | #YARAFLOR: Crazy, Sexy, and Cool | comic stan 💖
theislandsong all of my collections, i’ll share them all with you. i’ll be here for you always... &always be with you ! come along with me & the 🦋 and 🐝 after the amount of ridicule the vld cast made abt klance (esp j*remy sh*da) it’s very validating knowing mae whitman and dante basco like my ship 😭 — 💌┊she/they ✰ 7teen ✰ viet┊bIm
agniikais she her 17 another red and blue ship *lights cigar* giyuu & yoriichi lovebot
FeelNoWays2016 @yoursbruly @TheSiteSupply @BestBuy Don’t get too happy yet. You still have to go to @Bestbuy to get it and someone working the stock could pull a fast one on you. I don’t get why they don’t just ship it to your home.
schepis_patti @DineshDSouza And the whining starts. Trumpers got caught in sedition, serious stuff so instead of righting the ship they bring in deflection and another Big Lie.
Roman_thereup Onikas Kingdom -he/him @TYRISPRINT That ship burning and sinking before everyone even on board NICKI MINAJ FOLLOWED 02.01.2021
QuiGon_SW_bot Naboo We'll have to land somewhere to refuel and repair the ship.
i_ship_bxllcrap México @capaldislarrie and the fact that he tweeted TODAY FFS HIS BRAIN #LOUIS: You wont be the first or be the last to bleed. she/her 🐝🐊🍍
book_tribe Here, There and Everywhere • It wasn’t until the waves had begun crashing into the stern of the #ship as the hull ground itself upon the coral reef and the killing had started that I heard those words once more, flung at me by the wind – “#Marihuana, tons of it, easy money.” Authors, Writers - Get Promotion For Your Books. Readers find great new books to read.
adhdIuke fifteen oh my god angie just made the best edit ever and it’s about ship rules from euphoria and i HAVENT EVEN SEEN THE SHOW AND IM IN LOVE WITH THE EDIT !!! it’s to drivers license which makes it 100% better i love it so much #ALEX: i’ma stand tall | she/her ★
overingtonc Bondi Beach. Let's not forget @alfagarv stuck on a ship carrying Australian coal for months and months. A sister ship has today been given permission to change crew! So, everyone who reTweeted and Tweeted and signed the petition - it worked! Can we now get this young man home to his family? Crime writer. The Cuckoo's Cry (July 2020) on Audible Books at Amazon. Swans ambassador. Dylan tragic. Happy.
The_Negotiater Coruscant @TheGreyJedi "I don't know... I'll be there soon. Don't worry." The connection is severed and he looks for a way out, making his way back to the ship. ''𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒯𝓇𝓊𝓉𝒽 𝐼𝓈 𝒪𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓃 𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒲𝑒 𝑀𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝒪𝒻 𝐼𝓉.'' @AlayroseSky has my IRL ❤️
TweetsTubman FUN FACTS! When Yondu, Kraglin, and Rocket escape from the exploding Ravager ship, Rocket scrolls past several destinations before he finds the location of Ego in the system. They include: Drez-Lar (part of the Kree empire), Hala (the Kree homeworld)… 1/2 Tubman gets buzzed. Tubman puts on a movie. Tubman tweets about that movie. (He/Him/His)
Hot_Take_Daily today's tea: straight white women who make art of a ship i don't like literally don't care about ableism and xenophobia and must stay in their own lane sweaty :) Daily hot takes that matter. By smart people. This bot is satire and not meant to be taken seriously.

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